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      30 Jan

    Hiba is sadly been loaned to a friend since I lost my job last year. Hoping the day will come when I can see him regularly again. I know he's enjoying real pasture for the first time though.

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We don't pick our heart horses...they pick us

When I bred my mare five years ago, I knew I was breeding for her replacement. I wanted that special piece of her to be with me as long as possible. I hope I have another ten years with her but my heart tells me this is our last year together.

She foaled a beautiful colt who has grown into a beautiful stallion. This coming Monday, he becomes a beautiful gelding. He's a lot like his dam, with the qualities of his sire that I wanted. He's no longer mine though. I've watched him the last few months, I've watched his eyes light up, I've heard that special whicker that's made for his special person...and its not me.

My hearts a bit torn right now, knowing that although I will always own him, his heart doesn't belong to me. His heart belongs to my six year old daughter. He follows her everywhere, falls asleep as she sings to him, talks to her everytime he sees her. I watched them this afternoon, him in the round pen, her outside it.

He trotted by her side whenever she ran, stopped and talked to her whenever she stopped. I can't wait to watch them grow up together, I know he'll take care of her. That's the beauty of our wonderful breed...they love.
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Jun 17 2016 04:59 AM

That's so beautiful and so true. I've been very blessed to have gained the respect and love of all my horses.. but I've had to accept that they each are going to love me in their own way.. In fact, after having just my Arabians for thirteen years, my colt is the only one who shows me this type of affection.. he calls to me even after I come back after leaving him tied for a few minutes. We all want that connection, and it's heart breaking when the expectation is for them to be "our soulmate" so to speak, but who knows.. he might have chosen your daughter for a reason. And don't give up hope yet! You've got plenty of years with your mare left.. either you can breed again or bump along another horse that is looking for their person. Thanks for sharing!

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