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      13 Apr

    Being a Mom is tough......especially when your kids are not close by and really need you. Thank goodness for ABN & FB friends always there for support!

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      17 Mar

    It's been a long, sometimes difficult, road but patience and living right are rewarded in the long run. I'm finding myself blessed with an explosion of opportunities, fantastic friends and wildly talented horses. God is great all of the time :)

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      11 Feb
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Horse Health

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Not About Conformation And "out Behind" Nope!

In my experience to see if a horse is 'out behind' you will draw a line from the outer point of rump (I hope thats what you call it) down to the ground and the hock WHEN THE HORSE IS SQUARE should fall inside or at this line.

So many people are drawing this line with the horse camped out from posing or other odd stances or even while in movement and while I can 'sometimes' see what they are getting at most of the time I just don't see it on the horse in question unless its stood square. Once stood square sometimes the horse ends up with this trait, other times not at all.

So with examples I want to put this up for everyone to say, and yes I am going to use my own horses as I really don't care if you guys tell me about them being rump sprung (as its called) or not. I know what they can do and am secure in their movements and abilities so am ok to hear , may not always agree but also I JUST MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING :)

Also be careful its not just the way the angle of the photo or the stance is :) Actual lines or ways of how you figured it out would be really nice!! Also remember the arabian breed standard asks for a certain type of tail carriage and not a low set tail.

We also got into shoulders and had some great photos I may bring over to this thread

First of all our Arabian breed standard for reference purposes....feel free to pick this horse apart too.....(thank you nicoleandrhiannon for this photo)

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