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      30 Jan

    Hiba is sadly been loaned to a friend since I lost my job last year. Hoping the day will come when I can see him regularly again. I know he's enjoying real pasture for the first time though.

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Further Insulin Resistant Woes

I have posted before about my IR mare, OFW Carnation but I have a new episode to add.
Out of the blue (no recent change in diet, exercize, or weather), last week she came up sore on all four feet. Acted like she was walking on eggshells. Called the vet, described her condition, the vet said to try Equioxx for a couple of days and see how she did. Fortunately, I had some on hand as the vet is over 100 miles away.
Two days of Equioxx and I'm not happy with the way she is responding; called vet again, she said try bute. Did a dose of that, not any better than the Equioxx response. She is better than she was but still not comfy enough for my satisfaction. I remembered I had used banamine orally on her during her colic episode in 2010 so I tried that. MUCH better results. Used banamine for three days and then tried to back her off a bit to see what would happen and she seemed to have improved, then we got a weather change. Overnight she went back to being a lot more sore. Aaaaugh!! Called her farrier to get some advice from him (he has her in custom heartbars, which corrected her rotation almost 100%); perhaps she should be reshod earlier since she has had a new episode? He consulted with a lameness specialist vet who advised putting Carrie on thyroid meds for a little while to "increase her metabolism and flush her system". I don't know if the farrier told the specialist my mare is IR, but I had always heard you NEVER give an IR horse thyroid medication, it will make them founder worse.
I have an appointment on Monday to see my vet (who is going to talk to the lameness specialist vet in the meantime) and also to get the mare reshod.
So, long story (not very) short, has anyone had a similar experience with their IR horse, where they get lame overnight for no apparent reason??

I have to mention here that on another thread that was discussing IR horses, one person who seemed to know what she was talking about said alfalfa was fine to feed. New research showed that IR horses tolerated it as well as grass hay, so I had added a bit to my mare's diet about a month or so ago because grass hay has been so very hard to get this year and I am running low on it. She seemd to handle the alfalfa well but now I am wondering about cumulative effects? At any rate, I will never feed it to her again!
I have Carrie on bermuda hay, Su-per LaminAid, a custom blend of herbs (am adding jiaogulan as soon as it gets here), and a handful of Ultium to get her supplements and meds into her.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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