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      30 Jan

    Hiba is sadly been loaned to a friend since I lost my job last year. Hoping the day will come when I can see him regularly again. I know he's enjoying real pasture for the first time though.

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continued: faults not tolerated:, where do you get good ones?

it was interesting to read all the faults people won't tolerate, but I have to ask WHERE do you find all of these perfect horses?
I rarely see horses that don't have some degree of fault, :rolleyes: and the list on the other thread hit almost everything, from tails to nose,
but I have to say that unless the faults are HUGE, some do not bother me. There are different degrees of faults.

When I used to help clients with a purchase my job is to point out faults, but many times a moose nose or a high/low heel, even pointed croup on a horse didnt' rule out the horse that was actually a PERFECT horse for the client. Much depended on the training, personality and chemistry between the human and horse, plus what they wanted to do with the horse.

A slight mismatch of hoof angle on an otherwise beautiful, sound horse, is that a huge throw away?

A mare that is beautiful, trainable, sound and has perfect legs and feet, scratch her off cause her ears are big ( "mare-ish") and average?

I am not talking breeding I am talking buying. Lucky for me I breed my own, but when breeding you also have no certainties, as when shopping.

So are you super picky? How often do you buy? How hard is it to find a horse? Where do you get one? How long do you look? Where (what point) do you compromise?

I never did find a perfect horse for any client,, but they ended up being perfect horses for the family or client, despite the faults the horse had.

Ever buy a foal in utero? Ever buy a baby and have it turn up with a fault you wouldn't tolerate? What did you do?
I just thought it might be helpful to future horse shoppers to know options and experience with faults.
The girl here just absolutely LOVED this horse and did all kinds of fun things with him. He had several faults, but the chemistry and level of the two matched perfectly.

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