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      30 Jan

    Hiba is sadly been loaned to a friend since I lost my job last year. Hoping the day will come when I can see him regularly again. I know he's enjoying real pasture for the first time though.

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A saddle my horse likes....are you kidding me?!

...it's a Wintec? My horse and I have been suffering the last year or more over saddle problems to the extent that I have not done a single show or endurance ride. Her back was injured pretty badly by a treeless saddle, which I bought after both of the flex panel type saddles I had made her sore, which I bought after every other saddle I tried made her sore. I even resorted to making a few saddles to see if I could find the magic combonation. Yes, I said I MADE saddles for my horse spending countless hours stitching leather, making various gullet plates out of steel, modified trees, made a couple of trees, etc until I was ready for one of those fancy white coats and a padded cell. I think I came close, but something was always slightly off and she complained.

The vet that treated her and did the thermal imaging after her back was injured recommended a very expensive brand of saddle that, in this economy, there is just no way I can afford. Soooo...... I heard that the Wintecs made some improvements. The two I owned previously did not work for this horse. HOWEVER, I just bought a Wintec 500 GP, and now after a full week of riding, the little princess's back seems happy. I hold my breath every time I check her back expecting to see the return of those muscle spasms, but so far, next to nothing.

No more locked up horse under saddle. She is easily rounded and relaxed now. And I was saving up to buy a $3,000 saddle that I can't afford, bought this thing hoping it would get me by for now, and it APPEARS to be working for her. Should I be excited or gear up for yet another saddle failure? Stay tuned....
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In the same boat, Arabs seem very hard to fit :( .  I was wondering about a treeless saddle as well.  Going to go to some kind of bareback pad for a bit I think to give him some ease.  I have a Polish Arab very flat and wide back no withers.  Does anyone have any advice?

Nov 28 2014 07:51 PM

Just wondering what you ever figured out Megb ? I too have Arabs that are wide with very little withers . I've used a Bob Marshall for about 25 years, and my biggest problems have been getting on and off because the lack of tree makes it like getting on a greased pig, and the saddle sliding up on the withers. I do much better using a tail crupper, and I am going to add center fire rigging to make the saddle stay more centered. Thinking about trying a sensation treeless.

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