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      30 Jan

    Hiba is sadly been loaned to a friend since I lost my job last year. Hoping the day will come when I can see him regularly again. I know he's enjoying real pasture for the first time though.

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continued: faults not tolerated:, where do you...

Dec 26 2012 08:04 AM | loriwoo in Articles

it was interesting to read all the faults people won't tolerate, but I have to ask WHERE do you find all of these perfect horses?
I rarely see horses that don't have some degree of fault, :rolleyes: and the list on the other thread hit almost everything, from tails to nose,
but I have to say that unless the faults are HUGE, some do not bother me. There are different degrees of faults.

When I used to help clients with a purchase my job is to point out faults, but many times a moose nose or a high/low heel, even pointed croup on a horse didnt' rule out the horse that was actually a PERFECT horse for the client. Much depended on the training, personality and chemistry between the human and horse, plus what they wanted to do with the horse.

A slight mismatch of hoof angle on an otherwise beautiful, sound horse, is that a huge throw away?

A mare that is beautiful, trainable, sound and has perfect legs and feet, scratch her off cause her ears are big ( "mare-ish") and average?

I am not talking breeding I am talking buying. Lucky for me I breed my own, but when breeding you also have no certainties, as when shopping.

So are you super picky? How often do you buy? How hard is it to find a horse? Where do you get one? How long do you look? Where (what point) do you compromise?

I never did find a perfect horse for any client,, but they ended up being perfect horses for the family or client, despite the faults the horse had.

Ever buy a foal in utero? Ever buy a baby and have it turn up with a fault you wouldn't tolerate? What did you do?
I just thought it might be helpful to future horse shoppers to know options and experience with faults.
The girl here just absolutely LOVED this horse and did all kinds of fun things with him. He had several faults, but the chemistry and level of the two matched perfectly.

View attachment: Picture 2881.jpg

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Gene LaCroix - Re-energizing the Arabian horse...

Nov 20 2012 05:45 PM | Mikey in Articles

Today, I received an email newsletter from Gene LaCroix (signed up at www.genelacroix.com)

Who else received it?

Personally, I’m excited to hear more about the new, very comprehensive plan for re-branding and re-energizing the Arabian horse industry that is apparently in the works.

How do we create change?..

What can we do to help those spearheading this venture?

And what thoughts do YOU have on how to introduce the Arabian horse to new prospective people as well as offering a NEW VISION to existing enthusiasts?

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If Raffles were alive today would you breed to...

Nov 17 2012 12:07 PM | Peter Mileo in Articles

Check out this horse in the Gallery. He is a Raffles great grandson and shows an uncanny resemblance to him. Of course that could be attributed to his many crosses to Skowronek. So, is this a horse you would use?? He certainly has some very good qualities in addition to his looking very much like Raffles.




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Has anyone used Foal.Org?

Nov 24 2012 01:35 PM | El Bey Angel in Articles

Just checking to be sure they are legitimate; has anyone used Foal.org for CA/SCID tests?
Also, any tips on hair pulling, to get the whole follicle?

Thanks in advance!

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Using Frozen Semen

Oct 16 2012 01:00 PM | KathyB in Articles

Looking for experiences with using frozen semen. What are your thoughts and would you do it again? How old was your mare and was she a maiden or had she had foals before. If successful how many try's did it take? I have only used AI in the past but will be using frozen semen for the 2013 breeding season. Hoping for a successful outcome!

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Interesting! Wonder if this will have any...

Jun 14 2012 11:05 AM | Dreamcatcher in Articles


I was especially interested to read the paragraph about the shoe packages.

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A saddle my horse likes....are you kidding me?...

Jun 19 2012 08:07 PM | Runswithhorses in Articles

...it's a Wintec? My horse and I have been suffering the last year or more over saddle problems to the extent that I have not done a single show or endurance ride. Her back was injured pretty badly by a treeless saddle, which I bought after both of the flex panel type saddles I had made her sore, which I bought after every other saddle I tried made her sore. I even resorted to making a few saddles to see if I could find the magic combonation. Yes, I said I MADE saddles for my horse spending countless hours stitching leather, making various gullet plates out of steel, modified trees, made a couple of trees, etc until I was ready for one of those fancy white coats and a padded cell. I think I came close, but something was always slightly off and she complained.

The vet that treated her and did the thermal imaging after her back was injured recommended a very expensive brand of saddle that, in this economy, there is just no way I can afford. Soooo...... I heard that the Wintecs made some improvements. The two I owned previously did not work for this horse. HOWEVER, I just bought a Wintec 500 GP, and now after a full week of riding, the little princess's back seems happy. I hold my breath every time I check her back expecting to see the return of those muscle spasms, but so far, next to nothing.

No more locked up horse under saddle. She is easily rounded and relaxed now. And I was saving up to buy a $3,000 saddle that I can't afford, bought this thing hoping it would get me by for now, and it APPEARS to be working for her. Should I be excited or gear up for yet another saddle failure? Stay tuned....

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What do I need to know to scribe at a show?

May 08 2012 10:50 AM | chalice in Articles

I offered to scribe for some sport horse classes at an upcoming show, but I've never done anything like this before. Anyone out there ever do this before? If so, I'd much appreciate any hints, tips, or comments you might throw out to me. I think it'll be mostly in hand classes.

I've always wanted to do something like this and really looking forward to it. Should be a great learning experience. But I have little idea as to what to expect. So if anyone would describe their experiences doing this, I'd appreciate it! :)

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We don't pick our heart horses...they pick us

Mar 06 2012 10:49 PM | Pheobe in Articles

When I bred my mare five years ago, I knew I was breeding for her replacement. I wanted that special piece of her to be with me as long as possible. I hope I have another ten years with her but my heart tells me this is our last year together.

She foaled a beautiful colt who has grown into a beautiful stallion. This coming Monday, he becomes a beautiful gelding. He's a lot like his dam, with the qualities of his sire that I wanted. He's no longer mine though. I've watched him the last few months, I've watched his eyes light up, I've heard that special whicker that's made for his special person...and its not me.

My hearts a bit torn right now, knowing that although I will always own him, his heart doesn't belong to me. His heart belongs to my six year old daughter. He follows her everywhere, falls asleep as she sings to him, talks to her everytime he sees her. I watched them this afternoon, him in the round pen, her outside it.

He trotted by her side whenever she ran, stopped and talked to her whenever she stopped. I can't wait to watch them grow up together, I know he'll take care of her. That's the beauty of our wonderful breed...they love.

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Equitation...your Thoughts

Feb 27 2012 07:02 PM | Pheobe in Articles

Maybe I was trained differently, maybe I'm too picky, but why is equitation no longer important?

I had a whip placed behind my back, thru my elbows, to stop my from slouching.
Twenty years later, I still don't slouch. I had to stand on the balls of my feet on the steps of the barn, holding on to a piece of twine, to show me the correct way to keep my heels down, to keep that perfect line that you needed while riding. If the twine broke, I was balancing with my hands more than with my core.

I had my stirrups, saddle, and reins taken away, and was put bareback on the lunge line until I could w/t/c and jump without missing a beat. When I went to a show, if I did not ride in a way that made my trainer proud (didn't matter if we won or not) I had to ride for an hour with no stirrups.

I loved my trainers, I loved that I could get on any horse and still look good. I was taught how to ride and how to ride correctly. I had two great trainers...both were very strict about equitation. I saw my arab trainer ride all the time and she always rode beautifully. I only saw my hunter/dressage trainer ride once. She was in her late 60's, had cancer, and limped. She got on a mare in the barn and my jaw dropped. She became magical when she rode. You never saw her give a single cue to the horse, they were just one.

So why isn't it important anymore...unless you are in an equitation class? Why has it become an excuse? Just because you are in a pleasure class, does not mean you can throw eq out of the window.

What are your thoughts?

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