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      30 Jan

    Hiba is sadly been loaned to a friend since I lost my job last year. Hoping the day will come when I can see him regularly again. I know he's enjoying real pasture for the first time though.

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continued: faults not tolerated:, where do you...

Dec 26 2012 08:04 AM | loriwoo in Articles

it was interesting to read all the faults people won't tolerate, but I have to ask WHERE do you find all of these perfect horses? I rarely see horses that don't have some degree of fault, :rolleyes: and the list on the other thread hit almost...

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Gene LaCroix - Re-energizing the Arabian horse...

Nov 20 2012 05:45 PM | Mikey in Articles

Today, I received an email newsletter from Gene LaCroix (signed up at www.genelacroix.com) Who else received it? Personally, I’m excited to hear more about the new, very comprehensive plan for re-branding and re-energizing the Arabian horse industry...

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If Raffles were alive today would you breed to...

Nov 17 2012 12:07 PM | Peter Mileo in Articles

Check out this horse in the Gallery. He is a Raffles great grandson and shows an uncanny resemblance to him. Of course that could be attributed to his many crosses to Skowronek. So, is this a horse you would use?? He certainly has some very good qu...

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Has anyone used Foal.Org?

Nov 24 2012 01:35 PM | El Bey Angel in Articles

Just checking to be sure they are legitimate; has anyone used Foal.org for CA/SCID tests? Also, any tips on hair pulling, to get the whole follicle? Thanks in advance!

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Using Frozen Semen

Oct 16 2012 01:00 PM | KathyB in Articles

Looking for experiences with using frozen semen. What are your thoughts and would you do it again? How old was your mare and was she a maiden or had she had foals before. If successful how many try's did it take? I have only used AI in the past but...

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Interesting! Wonder if this will have any...

Jun 14 2012 11:05 AM | Dreamcatcher in Articles

http://www.aaep.org/...es_position.htm I was especially interested to read the paragraph about the shoe packages.

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A saddle my horse likes....are you kidding me?...

Jun 19 2012 08:07 PM | Runswithhorses in Articles

...it's a Wintec? My horse and I have been suffering the last year or more over saddle problems to the extent that I have not done a single show or endurance ride. Her back was injured pretty badly by a treeless saddle, which I bought after both...

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What do I need to know to scribe at a show?

May 08 2012 10:50 AM | chalice in Articles

I offered to scribe for some sport horse classes at an upcoming show, but I've never done anything like this before. Anyone out there ever do this before? If so, I'd much appreciate any hints, tips, or comments you might throw out to me. I thin...

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We don't pick our heart horses...they pick us

Mar 06 2012 10:49 PM | Pheobe in Articles

When I bred my mare five years ago, I knew I was breeding for her replacement. I wanted that special piece of her to be with me as long as possible. I hope I have another ten years with her but my heart tells me this is our last year together. She f...

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Equitation...your Thoughts

Feb 27 2012 07:02 PM | Pheobe in Articles

Maybe I was trained differently, maybe I'm too picky, but why is equitation no longer important? I had a whip placed behind my back, thru my elbows, to stop my from slouching. Twenty years later, I still don't slouch. I had to stand on the ba...

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